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Mount Boards

Mount boards (also called passe-partouts) are mat, paper or, more usually, cardboard sheets with a cutout, which is placed between the picture and the glass in a picture frame.

  • Mount boards enhance the visual appeal of a picture of painting.
  • Mount boards are often used to fit a picture into a frame that exceeds the size of the picture.
  • Mount boards prevent the picture from direct contact with the glass and thus serve as a protection to the picture.
  • All our mount boards are acid-free and thus do not do any harm to the picture.
  • Double and multiple mount boards are possible and induce spectacular 3D Effects.

Mount boards are available in following standard formats:*

  1. 13×18
  2. 24×30
  3. 50×70
  4. 18×24
  5. 30×40
  6. 21×30
  7. 40×50

This product line is available in various colours.

Please contact us for more information on this product.
Other formats and colours are available on request.

*The format sizes indicate the size of the picture for which the mount boards are supposed to be used and not the actual cutouts of the mount boards.